Kitchen Staff

If the kitchen is the engine room of your business, great kitchen staff are the oil that keeps it running at peak performance. In addition to providing qualified chefs for all levels and occasions, Troys matches fully trained, stringently screened staff to your unique needs, from food preparation to plating up and dishwashing.

Cooks / Larder Hands

Working alongside the chef on duty, our cooks and larder hands are skilled in preparing various ingredients, cooking basic recipes and following menus for a seamless dining experience.

Catering Assistant / Sandwich Hands

The chef or caterer’s right hand, our catering assistants and sandwich hands can prepare basic ingredients, assist in plating up food, serve customers and keep kitchen areas spotless and hygienic. 

Kitchen Attendants

Ready to support seamless operation of your kitchen, our kitchen attendants can take care of minor food preparation, washing up, cleaning and more. 

Searching for kitchen staff that shine?