Corporate Hospitality

From boardroom refreshments service to high-end events, our elite corporate hospitality team are the best in the business. Trained to the highest standards, they can work unsupervised, alone or in teams to provide professional service.


Responsible for the day-to-day performance of a hospitality service team, a supervisor follows instructions from the event coordinator on duty and confidently directs and liaises with individual staff and teams at all levels. Our team members have extensive experience in a wide variety of settings, from ten to 500 guests, set menus to alternate menus. They can adapt quickly to any occasion, providing valuable support for event coordinators and ensuring the smooth execution of your event.


If coffee is an art, baristas are master artisans. All our baristas are passionate and knowledgeable in the complexity and preparation of coffee, and revel in creating espresso art with every pour. They also bring their expert skills to serving tea and other artisan and speciality beverages.

Boardroom Attendant

Professional, well-presented and discreet, our boardroom attendants are among our most elite waiters. Trained to the highest standards across all facets of corporate food and beverage service, they can make barista coffee, run a bar, serve food and take care of meeting rooms with ease. Exceptional communicators, our boardroom attendants are equally at home working autonomously or following a supervisor’s instructions.

Corporate Waiter

Our pristinely presented team of corporate waiters provide premium quality service for all your corporate food and beverage needs. Warm and courteous communicators, they are endlessly adaptable and can also perform bar work, making them perfect for your high-end corporate events.


As the first point of contact, our experienced receptionist and concierge team are polished, professional and ready to meet your guests’ needs with efficiency and warmth.

Looking for your next corporate hospitality superstar?