KIT Workplace Safety

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Please answer the following questions about Work Place Safety.

Click here to download the Guide to Safety booklet to assist you in answering the questions.

Workplace hazards

Match the following workplace hazards to their correct category.

Oven *
Broken glass *
Awkward bending and reaching *
Cleaning products *
When going to various worksites you may find yourself unsure of how to perform certain tasks. Briefly describe what you would do if you were unsure of how to safely perform a task at work *

The consumption of alcohol and other drugs, prior or during work hours is strictly prohibited. Describe how this behaviour could...

a. put yourself at risk *
b. put your work mates at risk *
If an accident occurs on the job you must report it to the onsite supervisor and to the office staff at Troys *

Manual Handling

Lifting is a common cause of back injury and is often preventable. From the list identify all of the techniques that can reduce the risk of injury. *
Light loads are always safe to carry. *
Why? *
You know your body better than your supervisor. If you think a task is unsafe to perform, you can decline the task and inform your supervisor that you are not comfortable with it. *

Slips, trips & falls

Slips, trips and falls are a common hazard in the workplace. List three ways to reduce the risk of these dangers *
Identifying slip and trip hazards is the supervisors duty. You as an employee are not responsible for reporting hazards. *

Fire safety

Fire safety procedures are important to reduce the risk of danger in the workplace.

Name two types of fire safety equipment, signs or procedures that are used in the workplace to reduce risk. *

Workplace harassment

It is essential that all worksites are safe and free from any kind of harassment.

List two examples of behaviour that could be considered harassment *
If you feel that you are a victim of workplace harassment what should you do? *

Personal Hygiene & Food Safety

Keeping your hands clean at work is extremely important. Hands should be washed regularly especially:

  • Before preparing or eating food

  • After visiting the toilet

  • After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing

  • After handling garbage

  • Before and after treating a cut or wound

  • After arriving at work

  • When hands are visibly dirty

What is the minimum time you should spend washing your hands? *



Good food hygiene practices and personal cleanliness will minimise the risk of food poisoning. *



The best way to handle "ready to eat" foods such as sliced ham, cooked chicken or sandwich filling is by: *



Which THREE of the following are important rules for personal hygiene? *



Where should cleaning equipment and chemicals be stored? *

Now we would like you to tell us a little bit about yourself...

Why have you chosen to apply for work at Troys? *
Why did you choose hospitality as a profession? *
I confirm that the answers given are of my own opinion and understanding. (Insert your full name) *



disclosure statement

Workers Compensation

Employees are only entitled to workers compensation for accepted work-related and diseases suffered in the course of their employment in accordance with the provisions of New South Wales.

On commencement of employment with Troys, you are required to disclose any pre-existing injury or illness, of which you are aware could affect by your employment with Troys.Failure to disclose any pre-existing injuries and illness or if you make a false or a misleading discloser you may NOT be entitled to compensation.

In the case where an employee is limited in their performance of their regular duties by an accepted work-related injury or illness, Troys, in consultation with the employer/insurer and Medical practitioner will develop and implement a Return to Work Plan in accordance with relevant legal action which may involve temporary assigned duties otherwise not provided for in their position description to assist in the employee reaching their pre-injury status.

Troy’s is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all workers. It is an expectation that all employees performing work at the direction of or on behalf of Troy’s is not permitted to smoke in the workplace, we have a zero tolerance for harassment or bullying, use of illicit and illegal drugs of any form or drinking of alcohol.

There will be disciplinary consequences if you fail to comply with these requirements, which may include immediate termination of your employment.

I have read and agree with the disclosure statement above *