ANZ Induction

ANZ Induction

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Please read all of the following information carefully and answer all of the following questions in accordance to ANZ Policy.


Workplace Health & Safety

Your access to the Stadium is subject to you adhering to the following general site rules.

  • Ensuring your work area is free of hazards and reporting to Stadium management any potential or actual hazards.
  • Keeping work areas clean and tidy, to eliminate trips, slips and falls.
  • Not obstructing emergency exits, fire hose reels and fire extinguishers.
  • Maintaining and using the correct equipment and substances for the job you are doing.
  • Running all cables in a safe manner to eliminate or minimise trip hazards.
  • Only using electrical leads which have been tested and tagged by a competent person and in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • Storing all flammable materials, gases and other equipment in a safe and secure manner.
  • Utilising isolation/tagging systems for energy isolation and unsafe equipment.
  • Obeying signs and instructions and only using equipment you are authorised to use.
  • Using safe manual handling practices and obtaining help or mechanical assistance for heavy loads.
  • Utilising Personal Protective Equipment as appropriate.
  • Using products and disposal methods that minimise waste and prevent damage to the environment.
  • Reporting all accidents, incidents, near misses and hazards to Stadium management immediately.
  • Reporting any suspicious activity.


The following behaviour is unacceptable whilst working at the Stadium. Persons who participate in any of the following will face refusal of entry or removal from the Stadium.

  • Engaging in criminal activity, including theft, property damage, etc.
  • Permitting unauthorised access to the Stadium or accessing restricted areas without authorisation.
  • Using Stadium keys and proximity cards without authorisation.
  • Bringing guns, knives (excluding trade knives approved for work) or any other item considered to be a weapon on-site.
  • Working under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs, possessing or bringing illegal drugs into the Stadium or attempting to sell or distribute illicit drugs on-site.
  • Fighting, threatening or causing bodily injury to another person.
  • Malicious behaviour which results in injury to another person or destruction of property.
  • Failure to perform properly assigned work, delivering poor customer service, leaving work before your shift is completed and malingering.
  • Using crude, offensive or course language or engaging in disorderly or immoral conduct.
  • Engaging in harassment or discrimination.
  • Making false or malicious statements about a worker, the Stadium or its products.
  • Smoking in prohibited areas.
  • Accepting gratuities without approval.
  • Making comments to the media.
  • Solicitation of autographs whilst on duty.
  • Taking photographs or using recording equipment in restricted/private areas of the Stadium.
  • Using social media or internet sites to make reference to the Stadium, or its customers, staff, corporate partners, event partners, hirers, suppliers and contractors.
  • Using or removing Stadium property without authorisation, including the unauthorised consumption of food and beverage items or the consumption of food and beverage in public spaces whilst on duty or in uniform.
  • Intentionally sabotaging Stadium property or systems.
  • Using the Stadium IT network or email system inappropriately.
  • Breaching confidentiality.
  • Falsifying work records.
  • Using the Stadium’s intellectual property without authorisation.
  • Not wearing Stadium accreditation as instructed.
  • Bringing children or pets to work.
  • Showing blatant disregard for safety rules, littering or contributing to poor housekeeping, unsanitary or unsafe work conditions.
  • Using a mobile phone, listening to iPods, walkmans or any other electronic equipment whilst on duty.
  • Disregarding instructions from Stadium management.


This policy has been endorsed by Stadium Australia Operations Pty Ltd.


  • All staff involved with the sale and/or supply of alcohol hold an approved RSA certificate.
  • Staff will be appropriately trained on the responsible service of alcohol.
  • An incident log will be maintained for all licensing matters.
  • A register of RSA accredited staff will be maintained by the Stadium.
  • Patrons whom staff believe to be underage will be requested to provide valid identification.
  • Persons deemed to be intoxicated will not be granted access to the Stadium.
  • Persons deemed to be on the verge of intoxication will be refused alcohol service.
  • Intoxicated persons will be refused service and will be removed from the venue.
  • The Stadium has developed various strategies to manage the effects of alcohol consumption.
  • When alcohol is available for consumption, food will also be available.
  • Free chilled tap water will be available for patrons on request.
  • Non-alcoholic and low alcoholic beverages are included in our beverage product range.
  • Double shots or straight nips will not be served.
  • A maximum of four alcoholic beverages per person, per transaction can be served. However, cup limits may vary from event to event.
  • We will not conduct promotions that encourage excessive or rapid drinking.
  • We will not serve a person that we know to be ‘stacking’ drinks.





 ANZ Uniform




Where is the Staff Sign In Area at ANZ Stadium? *
How many minutes prior to your booking time must you arrive for sign in? *
Jeans or denim pants are acceptable as long as they are black? *
If your pants have belt loops your MUST wear a black belt? *
You must NOT take any photos on videos inside ANZ stadium? *
What is the standard drink limit per customer? *
If two people approach the bar and order 5 drinks they MUST pay in two separate transactions? *
Double shots or straight nips can be served as long as it does not exceed the customer's drink limit? *
You are required to check the ID of any person who may be under the age of 25. What are the ONLY 3 acceptable forms of ID? *
As of today's date, what is the Date of Birth of someone of the minimum drinking age? *
If you hold a NSW RSA Competency Card you MUST *
Describe 3 characteristics that could identify an intoxicated person? *
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