ATC Induction

ATC Induction

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*Required information.

Please read all of the following information carefully and answer all of the following questions in accordance to the ATC RSA Policy.



ATC IND Randwick

ATC IND Rosehill




Where is the Staff Sign In Area at Randwick Racecourse? *
How many minutes prior to your booking time must you arrive for sign in? *
Jeans or denim pants are acceptable as long as they are black? *
If your pants have belt loops your MUST wear a black belt? *
When working at ATC you must not keep your phone or any cash in your pockets. *
What is the drink limit per customer prior to 4pm? *
What is the drink limit per customer after 4pm? *
If two people approach the bar and order 5 drinks they MUST pay in two separate transactions? *
Any glass or bottle of beer is counted as 1 drink, even if it is a light or mid-strength? *
With the exception of Moet Chandon & Domaine Chandon, what is the drink count of a bottle of red, white or sparkling wine? *
What is the drink count of Moet Chandon & Domaine Chandon? *
How long before the first race do the bars open for service? *
You are required to check the ID of any person who may be under the age of 25. What are the ONLY 3 acceptable forms of ID? *
As of today's date, what is the Date of Birth of someone of the minimum drinking age? *
If you hold a NSW RSA Competency Card you MUST *
Describe 3 characteristics that could identify an intoxicated person? *
I confirm that the answers given are of my own opinion and understanding. (Insert your full name) *
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